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11:31AM 14-Dec-2010

Website Content

I uploaded the content to this site a long time ago and always made sure that I used content that could be legally syndicated.

This being said pruning content should be ongoing. So if you identify any content that should be removed due to copyright/licence infringement then let me know immediately so that I can remove it.

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Andyland goes live

02:23PM 15-Oct-2010

Andyland goes live

Andyland is in the process of going live over the next few days. If you experience any downtime or broken links, this is only temporary.

Good news is that I plan to update the site with more content more frequently, please email me if you have a cool game that you would like me to add.

Once the site is fully on-line you should always see in the address bar. It will no longer route through extreme tricking like it used to, so, you may need to update any bookmarks that you may have!

Sherwood, Arkansas

09:38PM 12-Oct-2010

Sherwood, Arkansas

A big shout out the the people of Sherwood, Arkansas. You seem to love the site and visit it loads. This update is partially for you guys!

03:15PM 11-Oct-2010

Progress on adding games

Progress is going well. I have added loads of the game and think it will only take a couple more hours worth of admin time before they are all done.

After games it is onto the flash stuff. Then once that is done I may look at pulling across some new content!

New Site is online!

06:02PM 10-Oct-2010

New Site is online!

After years and years of no-updates, Andy-land is now back with a big one! A massive site redesign and redevelopment.

First I am going to be pulling most of the old content across from the previous andy-land. You guys won't really notice anything happening on this front as I won't switch sites until it is done.

I have already moved all of the pictures, the big challenge is all of the games. I'm going to try and keep a similar page layout and have the most popular games featured to the right of every page

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